About Us

 My love for deer came early in life. My mother wrote in my baby book that my favorite books were about animals and my favorite animal was Bambi. What a coincidence that my first brood buck was named Bambi.

My first deer hunt was in the 1950s on the Mark A. Moss ranch in Llano. Even way back then, the ranch had an 8-foot game fence. I thought it was an awesome place. Mr. Moss had a son who was a few years older than I was. His son could hardly wait to go to town to see the girls. I said that if I had a place like that, the girls would have to come see me!

After my first hunt on the Moss Ranch, one of my dreams in life was to own a game fenced ranch. It took longer to acquire than I wished, but this dream came true over 25 years ago when I bought a ranch, built some breeder pens, got a permit and bought a few deer from a breeder.


My first deer cost $250 each, including Old Bambi. My first breeder license cost $10 and came with few regulations. In my wildest dreams, I never envisioned that the deer business would develop into what it is today.

My passion for deer has never changed. With the help of my family, we have been very fortunate over the years. I believe in running a fair and honest business and am grateful for those who use my genetics today.